Psychosocial support b.    physical therapy c.    lymphedema care d.    survivorship                         comprehensive breast cancer treatment center patients at increased risk of developing breast cancer, or who perceive themselves to be at increased risk. Counseling regarding the use of tamoxifen for breast cancer prevention. Counseling and genetic testing services.   requires the services of a nurse geneticist or genetic counselor, and a social worker. Requires a medical director.    this type center does not need to have all subcomponent services but must offer at least one subcomponent service under each service component. Provided services 1.    outreach and education a.    community education: at large (including low-income/medically underserved) b.    patient education   (networking, community resources, speaker program, acs events, long term follow-up resources) c.    physician education 2.    breast imaging a.    screening mammography - (digital or analog) b.    diagnostic mammography (additional views beyond screening mammography and workup of a clinical abnormality) c.    ultrasound   d.    breast mri   3.    needle biopsy a.    needle biopsy - palpable (without image guidance) b.    image guided - stereotactic c.    image guided - ultrasound guided d.    image guided - mri guided 4.    pathology a.    report completeness / template b.    radiology-pathology correlation c.    esoteric studies (miscellaneous studies) d.    gene studies   e.    breast cancer tumor registry (expanded) 5.    surgical care (some educational components may be performed by nurse navigators) a.     surgical correlation with imaging/concordance   b.    pre-operative planning after biopsy for surgical care     c.    breast surgery lumpectomy or mastectomy  d.     lymph node surgery sentinel/ax dissection e.    post initial surgical correlation/treatment planning 6.    plastic surgical consult a.    implants / tram / latissimus flaps  b.    diep flap / free flaps  7.    radiation therapy consultation / treatment (some educational components may be performed by nurse navigators) a.    whole breast irradiation plus boost   b.    partial breast irradiation treatment / trials  8. viagra for sale viagra for sale cheap generic viagra viagra online cheap viagra online cheap viagra buy viagra buy cheap viagra cheap generic viagra viagra online    medical oncology consultation (some components may be performed by nurse navigators) a.    hormone thera. viagra how many mg